About Us

We offer a wide of range of water treatment solutions to suite various applications, using a combination of ion exchange, filtration, membrane, aeration and biological process to fulfil the needs of valied customers ranging from school, Hotel, Hospital, Building promoters, Small scale industrial and Residence.
The Company has got strategic partnership with various manufactures of water & Wastewater treatment products for uninterrupted supply of products and efficient service solutions. We also doing turnkey projects and commissioning plants of varying sizes rights from 10LPH plants to 5,00,000LPH plants.
Our R&D facilitates the perfect configuration of filter media membrane to design, manufacture, and to commission various size of water treatment plants and purifiers to ensure proper treatment purifications.

The company has a very efficient service team to attend all service calls promptly the service team trains your personnel on all the operations and maintenance procedures of the water treatment products.

A complete customer database is being maintained to ensure periodical service calls and proper supply of spares and consumers of the water treatment plant. We also under take annual maintenance contracts(AMC)for the all the water treatment plant supplied.